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Sorry for the hiatus

It’s easier to write when you have more interesting or exciting things to talk about, and things move slower here. Instead of writing long paragraphs about the ski season, our neighbor Neville who had arguments with himself until 3am, the friends we’ve watched leave, here are some pictures that hopefully give a better idea of what it felt like to live here.

The Sights

This is “That Wanaka Tree”. It’s on all the signs, all the keychains, the t-shirts, etc. It is a nice tree.


It’s hard to drive or even walk down the street when you can’t stop staring out at the mountains.

North Lake Hawea, Spring

South Lake Hawea, Winter


One of my favorite things about New Zealand has honestly been their journalism. It’s unabashedly quirky and never falls into the “both sides” trap of faux centrism you see everywhere in America. One article on a local political issue was very blunt, calling one council member’s plan “frankly, stupid.”


On account of my being a cook, we also get questions about local cuisine.


There was a forest fire. It turned out okay tho.

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Rob March 8, 2019 - 8:08 am

So do you miss limes so much that you’re ready to come home now? As cold as it has been here, you might want to wait a while.



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