Jackie sliced her knee wide open

hover over to see her gnarly stitches

So near the end of our hike, Jackie slipped and fell. She got unlucky with a large rock sticking out of the ground and it took a chunk out of the top of her knee, almost down to the kneecap. I wrapped her up with gauze and luckily she was able to bend it enough to get on the motorcycle for a quick ride back to the RV, so we could get her to the ER.

Jackie wants everyone to know that additional pictures of her knee are available upon request. I nixed the idea of putting them on the blog because they are gross as hell.

Looks like we’ll be in Grand Teton for at least another day so we can pick up antibiotics. She’ll probably be pretty hobbled for a week or two.

One last uncropped look at our little in-patient

Jackie’s Final Thoughts

I hate rocks.

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Edward Penishands September 26, 2017 - 5:01 pm

Fake news!


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