Maine is a magical place where all of your beer dreams come true

Writing about how much I’ve enjoyed myself is not as much fun as giving a negative review. I hope you all understand how hard this was for me.

Allagash Brewery does everything right. Their taproom is easily accessible, remarkably uncrowded, and cheap! They give you a 4-taster flight of their draft offerings for free! Contrary to their usual fare, they had both a Hoppy Table Beer and Brett IPA on tap, so you can tell they’re probably trying to capture some IPA tap space.

Allagash Flight

The real reason we visit the brewery is so we can grab whatever small-batch sours they have available and this trip we lucked into some Coolship Resurgam. We can’t get enough of spontaneously fermented beer, and there’s precious little of it here in the US as it’s more of a Belgian specialty.


Maine Beer Company is only 20 minutes away from Allagash, so we always combine these visits, and they excel in everything that Allagash does not. Their best beers are hoppy IPAs and dark stouts, two areas that Allagash barely dabbles in. ¬†They always have an experimental “pilot” beer on tap, it’s fun to try a small-batch research from one of America’s best.

Maine Beer Company

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