Grand Teton National Park – Taggart Lake

Roundtrip Length: 3.3 mi
Elevation Gain: 300 ft
Time Required: 1-2 hours
Forest Friends Found: no

Static Peak overlooks Taggart Lake


View of the Grand Tetons from the trail

The walk to Taggart Lake is short, sweet, and crowded. We decided to check out Taggart Lake the day we arrived at Grand Teton because we had spent the morning finding a campsite and planning our next couple of days, so we needed a hike that would take a maximum of 2 hours. The parking area is directly off the main Teton Park road, and is usually filled to capacity. Luckily, our motorcycle can squeeze into just about anywhere.

There is a short uphill climb here, but if you take it slow this hike can be done by just about anyone with legs. You’ll pass a nice little stream with a fallen log and the trees perfectly frame Grand Teton so everyone stops to snap pictures here (we did).

wow so beautiful

It is around this time where you will start to notice the unique insects that plague the entire Grand Teton area: the loudest grasshoppers you’ve ever heard in your life. I swear these little bastards are packing tiny grasshopper heat. They’ll jump outta nowhere just to click at you like it’s their job. It was interesting for like 5 minutes but I am way over these hotdogs.

You’ll be at the lake in no time, and it’ll be packed with families picnicking for the afternoon. I’m sure you’ll find a nice rock to sit down at if you look hard enough, though. It’s a decent view, better than you’d expect for barely 30 minutes worth of walking, so all in all if you have a free afternoon with nothing else to do I’d check it out.

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