Goodbye, Mechanicsville!

Friday, July 28 – Friday, August 4

We had planned to leave Maryland on August 1st. We figured that getting on the road would be a cool way to ring in a new month. Amazon, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind for us. We couldn’t really leave to go anywhere until our motorcycle carrier arrived. Amazon had originally told us that it was set to be delivered between June 31st and August 3rd. We were obviously crossing our fingers for the former…and instead got the latter.

The only fortunate part of this situation was that it gave us plenty of time to get Brandon moved out of his apartment and the bulk of his stuff stored at my parents’ house. I can’t imagine trying to pull off moving Brandon and prepping the RV for a 3-month trip in a single weekend, so this honestly worked out for the best.

We officially left on the morning of August 4th. Given it was a Friday, it didn’t take us long to hit traffic. We basically hit all the north-eastern traffic you would assume we would hit (Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York). New York was all-around a trouble spot for us. We took a wrong turn and ended up on Staten Island and then we got pulled over by cops shortly before crossing into Connecticut  for trying to drive on a parkway (we now know that we are a restricted vehicle and that parkways tend to have low bridges).

Originally, we had planned to make it up to Massachusetts in time to visit Tree House Brewing, but traffic kept pushing our arrival time later until suddenly, we were arriving after the brewery’s closing time. We settled on visiting Jack’s Abby instead.

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