New Glarus: The most adorable brewery in Wisconsin

I’ll admit it: I haven’t been to very many breweries in Wisconsin. That being said, New Glarus brewery is cute as hell.

jesus christ it’s like Pintrest opened a brewery

I don’t know if it was the short walk through the perfectly manicured woods or the monastic Northern European architecture, but I was charmed. We stopped by because of their reputation with sours, but unfortunately they didn’t have any of the ones we were interested on tap.

Fortunately, their cellar was fully stocked with the one’s we were looking for, and their Geuze is world-class. We still have a few stored in our limited fridge space, so check untappd for confirmation that the remaining beers are great, too.

Despite lackluster tap offerings and a weird “one beer at a time” policy, I still very much enjoyed it because of the fairy-tale vibe and awesome bottle selection.


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