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Boston only has one IPA and they trick you into visiting multiple places to drink it over and over

I have heard people rave for years about the two Boston-area NEIPA specialists: Tree House and Trillium. I have also heard people complain incessantly about the terrible beer lines for both of these locations. I am here to tell you that everything you have heard about the beer lines is true.

The first thing you will notice about The NEIPA (“New England” IPA, though this is only true if you think New England refers only to Massachusetts) is the color. It will be a light, opaque, orange-yellow. I know this because all NEIPAs look exactly the same.

I am convinced the bartender just poured these from the same tap when I wasn't looking


These are 7 different beers from two different breweries.

The second thing you will notice about The NEIPA is the taste. I have skipped over the traditional second step of beer tasting (smell) because there is little to no scent to these beers. Does your orange juice have a strong nose? Then neither will your NEIPA.  The taste is undeniably very good, but if you go touring these breweries you will be tasting the same citrus juice over and over for 3 hours. You will also grow very familiar with the acidity in the aftertaste, which reminds me of the burn you get after drinking certain sodas.

Brandon’s Official Advice:

Skip the 2-hour line at Tree House and go to Trillium, which is either better prepared for the crowds or we simply showed up late and missed the Black Friday-esque frenzy for cans. Drink ONE of their IPAs and then try the other styles on their menu. You will have a great time and not get burned out. They had a food truck that sold pork belly sandwiches.

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